High level of protection
Cryptographic algorithm resistant to date is used for encryption AES-256-GCM
Bypass of the blockings
Full access to YouTube content, Unblocking of FaceBook, VKontakte and other social networks.
Large number of countries!
When connecting, you will be assigned an IP-address of the server you have chosen!


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OpenVPN connection

  • A typical connection with an OpenVPN server looks like this:
  • Your PC <=> OpenVPN server <=> A resource with data.
  • On your computer, the information is encrypted and transmitted to the OpenVPN server, which decrypts it and sends it to the necessary resource on its own behalf. In this type of connection, your provider cannot track your activity on the Internet. However, it can see to which server and at what time you are connected. At the same time, the resources visited do not see your real IP address. Suitable for bypassing the blocking imposed by your provider, hiding your activity on the Internet, protecting Wi-Fi traffic from being intercepted and modified by attackers, including modifying the traffic by your provider.

DoubleVPN connection

  • DoubleVPN connection uses 2 servers between you and the target node:
  • Your PC <=> OpenVPN server (incoming) <=> OpenVPN server (outbound) <=> Resource with data.
  • Information on your computer is encrypted and transmitted to the incoming VPN server, depending on the selected outgoing VPN server, the incoming VPN server transfers the data in an encrypted form to the selected outgoing VPN server, which decrypts the necessary data and sends it to the resource you need. In this type of connection, your provider sees encrypted data exchange with an incoming VPN server, which does not know which data you will transfer to the Internet. The outgoing VPN server cannot know the client’s IP address, since it is hidden behind the incoming VPN server and only receives encrypted data that needs to be transmitted to the Internet on its own behalf. This type of connection is optimal in the price / speed / security ratio. Incoming and outgoing VPN servers can be located in different countries, which further increases the anonymity of the VPN connection. Each of the available VPN servers can be inbound and outbound. A huge variety of connection options.