High level of protection
Cryptographic algorithm resistant to date is used for encryption AES-256-GCM
Bypass of the blockings
Full access to YouTube content, Unblocking of FaceBook, VKontakte and other social networks.
Large number of countries!
When connecting, you will be assigned an IP-address of the server you have chosen!


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Referral partner program

  • You get a percentage from your referred by you active client, while they remain active;
  • Full statistics of your referrals right from the control panel of VPN;
  • The clients are happy and secured using MultiVPN service and also bring money to you!;


  • 30% of payments done by clients;
  • The minimal payment amain is only from 10 USD;
  • All payments are done in Bitcoin;

How to become a partner

You need to register the account using the real Email as a long (no need actually this account to have an active VPN subscription) and turn on your bonus referral program within the control panel!

Referral partner program rules

  • No SPAM in any kind if its word;
  • No black SEO or kind;
  • Partners should necessary notify the administration or support on which resource and how are they going to promote and advertise the service;
  • Articles and reviews should be real, it’s forbidden to promote the service within articles which has no sense or not connected anyhow with the topic of the service;
  • Forbidden to use self account for registering yourself as a referral;

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