High level of protection
Cryptographic algorithm resistant to date is used for encryption AES-256-GCM
Bypass of the blockings
Full access to YouTube content, Unblocking of FaceBook, VKontakte and other social networks.
Large number of countries!
When connecting, you will be assigned an IP-address of the server you have chosen!


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Questions and answers

Technical issues

Where can I find instructions for setting up and connecting to your service?

Whats the purpose of the MultiVPN? How can i use it?

  • Our VPN service allows you to connect to dedicated VPN server using a high encrypted connection in order to keep you anonymous, protect your connection, hide your IP address and location and bypass the government firewalls to get the access to banned websites.

How much is required to start using the service?

  • After registration and payment for the service, the subscription is activated immediately! If there is a delay, it is highly likely that the payment has not yet been confirmed and will soon be approved (is it required a confirmation of the transaction by crypto-currencies).

Why don’t you support PROXY/SOCKS/PPTP/L2TP?

  • These protocols are vulnerable for decryption and hacking. We use only OpenVPN protocol which has an approved reputation by time.

Can i change the user / login name (email-address) after registration?

Is it necessary to specify the current email address when registering in the service?

  • Not necessarily, but, preferably, if you register to a non-existing email address, you will not receive a letter of instruction for working with the service. Validation of email addresses is not performed by the MultiVPN service.

Registering by the email address, will there be advertising/spam sent to my inbox?

  • Absolutely not. On the part of the MultiVPN service, only notification of registration, instructions on setting up / connecting to the service and notifying about payments will be emailed to you. We do not send out marketing content. The service news / offers are published in the service blog, Twitter and Telegram.

What payment methods do you accept?

Does the connection to the vpn server makes the Internet connection speed lower?

  • The speed of the Internet connection through the VPN server will depend on the speed of connection between the website and the VPN server. Most likely, the VPN server physically closest to you will provide a higher speed of Internet connection, due to better peering / routing of the network.

Which servers can i use within my subscribtion?

  • All at once. Within one subscription, you can connect to any of the available VPN servers on the MultiVPN network.

Can you help with setting to your service through TeamViewer?

  • Of course! If you have any difficulties with connecting to our service, we will definitely help you with the configuration! As an option, we can use TeamViewer. Notice on your desktop / in bookmarks / etc. there should not be "sensitive information". The support service will help you with the setup. Please contact the online chat or contact us in any other way.

What IP-addresses do you provide? Static or dynamic?

  • We provide only static addresses, that is, the traffic of clients connected to the same VPN server will be mixed with the traffic of other clients. This has a positive effect on the confidentiality of the transmitted data. Provision of dynamic IP addresses in our service is not yet planned. However, you can order your own VPN server with a unique IP address for an additional fee, in addition to the previously negotiated prices and conditions.

Which ports are allowed for using Email?

  • We allow to use 587 and 456 TCP (SMTP over SSL). Port 25 is blocked due to the big amount of spam users.

Which DNS servers do you use?

  • We use our own DNS servers for VPN connections. In Europe: Slovenia ( and in North America: Canada ( These servers are connected to the Internet on gigabit channels. Only work with the IP addresses of MultiVPN VPN servers. Support DNSSEC to provide protection against DNS spoofing. DNS query logging is forcibly disabled.

Where can i download the client?

Where can i download OpenVPN configuration files?

I’m connected to your service but my IP is same?

  • If you use Microsoft Windows operation system please be sure you started the OpenVPN client application with "Run as administrator" option.

Safety and privacy

How is OpenVPN different from DoubleVPN?

Does VPN server connection gives 100% anonymity / safety?

  • There are many factors that you need to consider to achieve your anonymity and safety! Browser / operating system / traffic record in datacenters / traffic record by your ISP, etc. All this is beyond the use of the VPN network of this service. However, we are doing everything possible to ensure a higher level of anonymity / security on the Internet. You must also understand that anonymity and security online require an integrated approach. Using VPN is one of the measures to achieve this goal.

What encryption are you using on VPN servers?

  • Reliable algorithms are used to encrypt your data: key exchange RSA 4096 bits and ECC 384 bits (elliptic curve secp384r1). Symmetric Ciphers: AES-256-GCM and AES-256-CBC. Hash functions: SHA256, SHA384, SHA512.

Does VPN protect from virus / troyans and other?

  • The VPN servers of the MultiVPN service do not use software to protect against malicious software! In other words, we do not check or modify the traffic transmitted on VPN servers. To protect against malicious software, it is necessary to use anti-virus. However, on VPN servers, the connection is limited for certain services and can be applied per unit of time to prevent BruteForce / DDoS / etc attacks, which can harm the VPN servers.

Are you checking what do i do on your WebSite?

    • No. Google Analytics / Yandex.Metrica and similar services are not used! Forced TLS encryption in the HTTPS connection is used, HSTS, DNSSEC technologies and some other means are used that make it difficult to listen to traffic and conduct MITM attacks.

How to block WebRTC leaks in my browser?

What advise additional resources about network security and privacy?

Which software do you use on your servers?

  • We use only public up-to-date open source software. All servers use Debian Linux.

Legal issues

Does the subscription work limitless?

  • Of course not! VPN-services working without a time limit are usually scam. We work and maintain our servers and our main goal is to serve our customers through a long-term cooperation!

Does this service provide a trial period or demo-subscrition?

  • On a free basis - no, unless previously agreed with the support service. The cheapest subscription for 1 month, costs only $6. You can register right now and start using the service. For 1 active subscription, 5 simultaneous connections to MultiVPN network servers are allowed.

Do you allow logs which can identify the user?

  • No, on the service of servers, there are no logs which can identify the user of the service. Specifically, for the service - this information does not carry any payload. However, such identification information can be collected by the payment systems / hosting providers at the request of law enforcement agencies, etc. When ordering services on the service site, we recommend using Tor-browser and other means of additional anonymization. As payment instruments, we recommend using crypto-currencies: Bitcoin / Litecoin / DASH / Zcash and the like.

Is it allowed to download torrent?

  • Downloading torrent files creates an increased load on the VPN servers and can lead to abuses from copyright holders. Unfortunately, very often torrent files are used to distribute copyrighted content, which contradicts the service policy. To ensure uninterrupted operation of VPN network servers and their high speed, downloading torrent using a VPN is not desirable, however, not prohibited. If you need to anonymously download torrent files, you can configure your torrent client to use Tor or another anonymous network without using a VPN. This will help you maintain confidentiality and save our service from unnecessary problems and allow you to work comfortably with a VPN without unnecessary load (fast loading of sites and access to data).

Do you have any partner / reselling / affiliate program?

Which legal residentship is MultiVPN?

  • The MultiVPN service, which is located on the domain name multivpn.su, completely the private property of an individual (self-employed) residing in the territory of the Russian Federation.